Ashford Mine and Mill, California

  The Ashford Brothers- Henry, Harold, and Louis discovered the Golden Treasure Mine in 1907. In 1914 they leased the mine out and a 40 ton mill was built to process the ore. The story goes that twice the amount of cement was delivered than was ordered, since the cost of returning the cement was higher than what the cement was worth, the extra cement was used to build very thick walls on the mill. In 1915 a road was built from the mill up Ashford canyon to the mine.
  The mine employed up to 28 men and then all at once the mine shut down. The lease payments had not been made so Ashford's brought suit and regained control of the mine. The mine was idle till about 1926, then it was worked sporadically and then it was leased out again in 1935 to the Golden Treasure Company who also eventually gave up. The mine went through another a series of lessors but the mine never produced much paying ore and by 1941 was idle.

Let's explore the Ashford Mine and Mill

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