Secret Mining Camp #1, California

Your seat awaits, check out the view of the valley below, note the water pipe.

  So what do we know about the Secret Mining Camp? Actually very little. This mine dates back to the turn of the century. When we drove up to the mine we met the owner of the mine and a friend of his, they were repairing the gate across the road to the mine with portable welding equipment. 
  He told us about how someone had come out and tore down the steel gate that blocked the road to the mine, he went on to tell us a bit about the old mine and how it has been in his family for a good many years and how the BLM has threaten to take it away from him and how he has taken the case to court. The mine is now in Wilderness thanks to the Desert Protection Act, he told us how he has to get a permit from the BLM every time he visits his mine (he is the only person who can legally drive to the mine).
  He told us a bit about the mine and about how back around the turn of the century there were 19 miners and 1 woman working here.

  I have found a couple of references to this mine; deep in the Carlyle Mine on one of it's levels; a Mr. Cross gives the name of this mine along with his address, and also I have read about a  Bill Biever hiking to this mine to get a lift to town because his Olds had broken an axle 5 miles away from this mine back in 1910.
  A funny thing happened when we visited this mine, Randi spotted a big boulder and decided to climb it, well as she climbed up it, it broke in two, Randi and a 500lb piece of rock came crashing to the ground! luckily the rock did not fall on Randi as they both fell to the ground.

  Please don't email me asking where this mine is, the hints have been given, but do let me know if you know where this site is.

Let's explore the Secret Mining Camp #1

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