The Panamint Whiskey Mine, California

  Stone wall that held a Boiler and the frame of a 6-Stamp Mill behind it. The Cyanide Tanks in the background were installed later.

  This spot was originally called "Tuba" by the Panamint Shoshone Indians, but the White Man choose to name it after his favorite brand of whiskey.

  Every Death Valley and Panamint Valley explorer has heard the rumors of how the Panamint Indians loved to play Tuba's. The Panamint Indians were in fact renowned Tuba players. Every friday the Indians would chat and yell; "tuba, tuba, tuba, tuba", just like a scene out of "Animal House" and then they would take off and head over to hold a "Tuba Fest" at the secret Tuba Canyon".
  In 1897 at a evening "Indian Tuba Concert", Bob Montgomery showed up from Rhyolite, Bob just loved a good ol' "Tube'r" concert. While drink'n his favorite whiskey "O.B. Joyful" and "mosh'n" to the "Beer Barrel
Polka" Bob discovered some high grade ore under his feet and let out a yell! A Indian standing next to Bob asked "Whats up? did you fine something?, Bob said "na' noth'n, I've just discovered O.B. Joyful"!

  Bob Montgomery opened up the mine and made about $48,000 before he sold the mine to J.P. Flint and Stebbins of Ballarat in 1899. (Gap in Time). In 1902 J.P. Flint again reopened the mine and by cyaniding the tailings made about $20,000 and by 1904, Flint had over 22 men working at the mine.

  This is a fun little multi-level mine that features what every mine explorer hopes to find in a mine plus a ~75ft inclined shaft crawl that comes out on top of the mountain that only a caver would enjoy.

Let's explore the Panamint Whiskey Mine

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