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  In June 1947 a Corsair like this took off from NAS Oakland piloted by 1st. Lt. Webb. Trouble started over San Jose when at 11,000 feet the pilot switched to lower blowers and the engine cut out, so he tried again with the same result.

  Now rather than heading back, he did what most of us would do, ... he continued on towards southern Death Valley. Over Death Valley the engine RPM increased and oil pressure dropped. The prop governor could not control the RPM, the manifold pressure dropped to 15 PSI, and the aircraft began to shutter. The aircraft now began losing altitude.

  So again the pilot did what most of us would do..... he dropped the nose, then pulled up, and rolled the aircraft over and bailed out at 8000 feet (2000 feet above Funeral Peak).

  I bet 1st. Lt. Webb had some explaining to do when he got back to base!
Interesting side note, this particular Corsair was built by Goodyear, but was equipped with Firestone tires, since the 1st Lt. was heading for Death Valley, perhaps he should have requested BFG All Terrains!









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