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  On the night of March 13, 1974 a Sierra Pacific Convair 440, tail number N4819C like the one shown above crashed into the White Mountains shortly after take off from the small Bishop California airport.

  The aircraft was charter Flight 802 which was chartered by Wolper Productions which had been shooting the last episode a TV mini-series; "Primal Man" in the Mammoth Lakes area in the Eastern Sierras. The Bishop to Burbank flight was carrying 31 members of the TV production team and 4 crew members and 1 Sierra Pacific employee.

  Flight 802 was climbing under visual flight rules when it crashed into a 6,280 foot peak just missing clearing it by about 180 feet, killing all on board instantly. With 575 gallons of aviation fuel on board, the Convair 440 burned all night long and could be seen from the town of Bishop down below.

  The film the production crew had been shooting was found and recovered from the crash site. It was decided to go ahead and air this final episode of "Primal Man".

  The official cause of the crash remains "unsolved" by the NTSB, why did this experienced crew who had flown this route before fly into a mountainside they were well aware of? We will never know.


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