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  On July 8, 1964 a midair collision occurred over California Desert, California between a KC-135A Tanker and a F-105D Fighter similar to the aircraft pictured here.

Per information found in the crash report;

  On July 8, 1964, an F-105D Serial Number 61-091, call sign TAR 86 which was assigned to the 355th TFW, George AFB, California was scheduled as #2 in a flight of three aircraft for an air refueling mission. The flight was scheduled for three hours duration with a planned takeoff from George AFB, California. The flight was to accomplish instrument training in addition to the scheduled air refueling and eventually return to George AFB, California.

  Meanwhile, KC-135A Serial Number 60-340, call sign SHAG 21, departed Larson AFB in Washington. They were scheduled for a 7-hour combat crew-training mission where they would accomplish a tactical navigation leg, perform refueling of fighter aircraft on the "California Desert refueling track" and return back to Larson AFB. 

  Radio contact was established between SHAG 21 and TAR 86 on the primary refueling frequency. However, due to excessive radio traffic from another flight refueling in the same area, TAR 86 and SHAG 21 changed to a secondary refueling frequency.

  The weather in the California Desert refueling area was clear with unrestricted visibility. The aircraft rendezvoused over California Desert at approximately 26,000 feet. During the in-flight refueling, the F-105D struck the KC-135As right wing causing the mid-air break up of both aircraft. The collision resulted in the structural breakup of both aircraft which created a large fireball in the sky. Several airborne pilots observed flaming wreckage falling until it impacted with the ground. Witnesses did not observe any parachutes after the collision.

The accident resulted in the loss of the airmen on both aircraft;

KC-135A #60-340 crew:
Pilot: Capt. Thomas F. Dozier
Copilot: 1st LT Erwin W. Boelter Jr.
Navigator: 1st Lt Ronald D. Williams
Boom Operator: S/Sgt Robert J. Graves

The F-105D #61-091
Pilot: Capt Leonard F. Reynolds











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