NAF NOTS China Lake JRB-4 Expeditor Crash Site

  A Navy Beechcraft JRB-4 Expeditor BuNo 90550 like the one pictured, went down in the Eastern Sierra's Feburary 3, 1949.

  Pilot Cdr. A. Minvielle, co-pilot Lt. Charles Matus, and five Civil Service scientists; Dr. J.K.L. McDonald, Dr. John McKinley,  Mr. Myron G. Kellogg, Mr. Rodney Morrin, and  Mr. Joseph Vargus lost their lives when the JRB-4 Expeditor crashed in the Eastern Sierras enroute to NAS Alameda. The wreckage was not found until after the snow melted on April 21, 1949.

  This crash was the worst in terms of lives lost in the history of China Lake NAWS.













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