Eastern Sierra F/A-18B Crash Site

  A Navy McDonnell Douglas F/A-18B BuNo 161727 like the one pictured, went down in the Sierra Nevada Mountains during a storm on May 20, 1987.

  Navy  Pilot Capt. Daniel Ginsberg & co-pilot Marine 1st. Lt. Michael Mueller, VFA-125 "Rough Riders" Lemoore Naval Air Station died in this accident.

  But this is just the start of the story, let's let the following articles tell Marilyn Ginsberg's story of her quest to find her husbands lost F/A-18:








The F/A-18B crash occurred at almost 13,000 feet on this ridge. 


Near vertical side of this 12,800 foot ridge has hidden the aircraft since 1987.


First attempt to search for the crash site in the area I thought we might find the
 crash site, blocked at 7000 feet, we would have to return in 2 months.


2nd trip, searching the ridge @ 12,800 feet we found a piece of F/A-18 carbon fiber.


2nd trip; Climbing down the near vertical ridge about 400 feet, 
we could see wreckage about 1000 feet below us on the mountainside.

The following pages contain photos from our 3rd trip to this site,
Mike & Alan climbed down the near vertical side of this ridge in order to reach the crash site. 

Since we had done quite a bit of hiking that day, I decided to wait on the ridge, 
rather than climb down and then back up over 1000 feet.
(Yeah I know........Wimp!)

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