Republic F-105 Thunderchief Crash Site

  The Air Force F-105G, S/N 63-8350 Thunderchief pictured here went down in the California desert on May 15, 1979. The aircraft was out of George AFB, the pilot; Capt. Will H. Carroll & EWO; Capt. Michael R. Carlson ejected after the aircraft lost control in a mock dogfight.
 Capt. Carrol was fatally injured on ground impact which implied that his parachute may have failed. Capt. Carlson suffered major injuries upon landing in rugged terain.  The crash site resulted in a large crater in the hard rocky desert ground.

  The old tracks of the military clean up vehicles can still be found here along with cones that marked the way to the site. The cones are marked with "35 SPS" which stood for the 35th Security Police Squadron out of George AFB.

 Thanks to Craig Fuller at AAIR for the information on this crash site.









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