Douglas C-47A Crash Site

  A USAFF Douglas C-47A S/N 43-3067 like this one, on flight from March Field (where I was born) went down in the High Sierra's March 16, 1945, with a loss of all 4 crewmen on board.
  The site was later discovered on September 23, 1945 by deer hunters. 

  The nose art on the wreckage seems to indicate the plane was part of the 1st Troop Carrier Command. Their motto was "Vincit Qui Primum Gerit", some of the lettering can still be made out in the photos on page 2.

  Join Alan & I  as we brave man eating bears & hike to this remote WWII High Sierra crash site. We will start our hike at the lake pictured below, X marks the crash site that we will bush whack up to. The series of corresponding photos will start at the impact point Alan and I found and then work our way down.  The parts have been pushed down the mountain over the years by snow and rock movement.












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