Rockwell International Aero Commander 500S California Desert Crash Site

   On March 8, 1975 a Rockwell International Aero Commander 500S, registration N711LZ crashed in a mountain range of the Mojave Desert in California. This executive aircraft was owned by Private Prive and was on a flight from Apple Valley, California to Oklahoma City, Oklahoma.

  The crash occurred in the mountains during a rain storm with about 1/4 mile or less of visablity. The probable cause of the crash was listed as using visual flight rules (VFR) during adverse conditions. Killed in the crash was the pilot and passenger.

  It appears that the landing gear and other parts were salvaged from the wrecksite sometime before the Desert Protection Act closed off desert access.

  Finding the site invloved cross country desert hiking while dodging jumping chola cactus. Thanks to Pat Macha for the information about this crash site.













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